School Visitors

Schools needs more security now more than ever. 

That's why we have created the School Visitor Module in so much detail to give schools an ease of mind at all times. 

Add Visitor

To add visitor, click on +Add Visitor button on the left. This is the first step of security before starting their visit in the school.

When the information is filled, the users registration is saved and ready to begin. 

The person the visitor came to meet is notified within SmartClass. 

Start / End Visit

All registrations in SmartClass works embedded with digital signatures for the utmost security. 

After saving the registration, the visit automatically begins and should be be click End Visit at the end of the persons visit.

To end visit, click on Actions and End Visit.

Click Yes to End Visit. 

The visitors logs are securely kept in a seperate server and can only be accessible with the right user type permissions.

The logs can also be filtered for daily, monthly and all time visitors.

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We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.