Clubs page allows you to create clubs within your school. 

You can create various number of clubs and assign trainers to students, provide with sessions plans to transfer payment operations to finance department for collection.

Add Club

To add a club click +Add Club on the right side of the screen.

Fill in the information provided and Click Save. 

Add Students

To add students to a club, click on the second icon in the incons page.

When clicked, the page will enable you to select the students manually or automatically that fits into your criteria. 

If the club has to take place in school days and students chosen to be automatically added, the students with no plans on their calendars for that time criteria will be added. 


To add sessions and see the existing sessions of a club click on the third icon to show the sessions list. 

You can add sessions by clicking on the +Add Session button on the right side.

Because the location information already provided in club creation, this will only create the session time and allow enrollment.

Close Club

You can close a club by clicking the lock button the club square and type in the reason for closure. 

This will lock the club for further enrollment and payments to be collected. 

Transfer to Finance Department

For clubs to be collecting due payments, you can transfer them after creation and enrollments are completed, to finance department. 

Club Settings

You can also set maximum enrollments for clubs under settings by clicking Settings on the Clubs menu.

Click on Add Setting

Once settings has been established for a batch, click Save.

The clubs will configure the rest when enrolling new students to the criteria set by the Headquarters.

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