Without being able to manage tasks, schools wouldn't be functional on a daily basis efficiently enough. 

With our Tasks modules, you can control every corner of your school within clicks. Of course, at the utmost efficiency.

You can also drag and drop "Help Desk" in to your Dashboard from Available Widgets from the bottom of the home page. 

Tasks modules is integrated with users and other ERP modules to extract data to be functional. For example, when a teacher sends out a repair request, you'll be able to know from where it is coming and issued by whom with priorities. 

From this point, the requests can be transferred to the right department for resolutions and notified within SmartClass. You never have to leave your SmartClass account for your daily operations.

Add Task

Besides the tasks sent to the offices, you can also create tasks within the page. 

Details of a Task

Click on Actions button next to the tasks to see the details of the task.

Details will be updated by the corresponding team and filled by sender.

Assign the task

You can assign the task to another user easily by clicking Actions and Assign Task button on the right side.

Change Priority

You can also change the priority of the task by clicking Actions and Change Priority button.

You can choose Priorities from;

- Critical



-Not Important

Change the Status

You can update the status of the tasks by clicking Actions and Change the Status button.

You can choose status from;





Other Sub Modules in the Module

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We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.