Campuses is the section where you can view and add campuses within your organizations SmartClass to be managed.

Add Campus

To be able to add new campus, first you need to be in Headquarters.

First, fill in the information and click save. 

You have successfully created the campus. Now you can connect your school to the created campus to be managed.

Add School to Campus

To be able to add schools under your campuses, you should create your schools first.

After creating your school under "Schools" menu, head back to Campuses and click on Manage Schools icon. 

The page will be opened to make selections;

Complete the selections and click Save. 

SmartClass will automatically connect the school under the campus and automate other modules and logins accordingly to users.

Important Note : This menu can only be accessed and edited via Headquarters with correct user type permissions

Other Sub Modules in the Module

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