Smart Forms

You can create variety of forms and publish them within your website, SmartClass or send them to your users by email.

Create a Form

To create a form, click on "+Add" button located on the left side,

Once completed, click "Save" and SmartClass will automatically create the form. 

Visibility Settings

Once done creating the form, we move on to edit the visibility settings and choose under which user menu the form will be visible. 

You can create multiple forms with different users to see from internal forms to external forms.

To select visibility, click on Visible in the Menu section and select the users you would like to show your form.

Once user types are chosen click on check button and SmartClass will automatically save the form to be shown to the audience you have selected.

Public Link

Public Links are section where you would like your form to be alive and interacted with. 

This could be your schools website to Google or you can select a place in SmartClass if you would like to keep it in the platform.

To create a public link, click on Actions and click Create Public Link.

Once the public is created, you can start publishing your form with the link anywhere you like. 

General Settings

In general settings, you can start customizing your form. 

To customize the design for your form, click Actions and click General Settings. 

Click Save when done and you can move on to next step on completing your forms.

Temporary Settings

You can select the dates you would like your form to be live. 

Go to Actions and click on Temporary Settings for editing your forms live dates.

Click Save when done and your form will run in the dates you have selected.

Form Fields

In form fields, you can opt-in previously created fields to be shown. 

These options are created by SmartClass for easy access and can be adjusted by swiping the switches to Yes / No.

Click Save to complete your forms options and required fields. 

Your form is now finished and read your publishing. 

You can click the public link to test and see your form. 

According to your selections, the form can be 7 pages long at maximum to get the most detailed answers possible. 

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