Multi Language Support

We are supporting many languages and keep working on it to add more languages.


English is fully supported.


English is fully supported.


Spanish is fully supported.


Spanish is fully supported.


German is fully supported.


German is fully supported.


Russian is partially supported.


Russian is partially supported.


Arabic is partially supported.


Arabic is partially supported.


Chinese is partially supported.


Chinese is partially supported.


French is partially supported.


French is partially supported.

Working together is better

Our modules allow schools to operate more reliable, flexible, and scalable. They help improve communication among all departments in the school and so quality of education.

Multi Campus Support

Create multiple campuses and schools in them. Then just rest back and let SmartClass do the rest to have you track everything on a single view.

Headquarters view with all campuses and schools.

Campus view for the schools only in the campus.

Set global preferences or campus-wide as well as for just a single school.

All reports are in your fingers for all campuses or schools

Custom Mobile Application

You can use SmartClass branded mobile application or get your branded custom application as well.

Always Online With GCP, AWS and Digital Ocean

We are running SmartClass on technology leader partners Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean whichever is closest to your location.


We provide a 99.99% uptime SLA. If we fail to deliver, we'll credit you for the amount of time that service was unavailable.


We run in 44 different global datacenters over the world from San Francisco to Singapore whichever is the closest one for your service point.


We monitor all SmartClass systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year just to make sure everything is running perfectly.

The Most Comprehensive SIS in the Industry

We thought every corner of a school and campus and did not miss anything. Therefore it has become the most comprehensive and diverse school information system on earth.

Flexible Curriculum, Exam and Assignment Modules

Unlimited Curriculum and Annual Plans

You can either use curriculums that are already in the system or create your own and add your objectives based on subjects.

Teachers can create their own subject annual plans and fill them with units and objectives compatible with your academic calendar.


Create your multiple-choice or open-ended exams with many options. Add your subject and questions by using advanced questions management module.

Use different booklets if you need. Add your own evaluation formula. Evaluation is very simple and get your result cards and reports in seconds.


You can assign homework to your students by selecting a section or class. You can set due date and welcome questions online about your assignment.

Very simple and useful evaluation method is available for assignments. You can let your students and parents know about evaluations by notifications.

Finance Modules with Tuition Payments

You can handle whole financial process in your school thoroughly with SmartClass finance modules.

Tuition and Fee Management

Discount Management

Scholarship Management

Custom Aggreements

Create Installments

Get Payments

Online Payments

Payment Alerts


Staff Management

Manage your personnel includinG teachers and other staff. Set your faculties and managers therefore your organization chart.

Task Management

Very powerful task management throughout the system for all users. Assign task to teachers as well as students.


Create your workflows for certain triggers based on your business modal. Then let SmartClass do the rest.


Set your not only in house meetings also online ones. With teachers, students, and also parents.


Open Positions

You can announce your open position on SmartClass to let people you are hiring.

Get Online Applications

Collect online applications for your positions on your website.

Set Interviews

Set interviews in person or online. As many as you want.


Assess applications. And if you hire, transfer the application to staff easily.


You can manage your students healthcare as well as your staff.

Health History

Keep your students health history including medical cases, contagious diseases, allergies, and etc.

Physical Development Tracking

Track height and weight of your students with BMI values.

Medical Cases

Keep medical cases of your students and staff with the support of ICD10 standards.

Are you interested?

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