Job Applications

We know keeping tabs on job applicants can be though and overwhelming. Especially when you are a school with constraint budget having not to spend on fancy HR softwares. 

SmartClass HR tools, is embedded into your website and collects job applications and keep them tidy in tabs for easy to use. 

Everything you need and might need (even calling the applicant for an interview template is integrated) is already tested by administrators.

When you connect SmarClass Job Applications to your website, the applicants will be collected in here and you can see their details be clicking Actions button.

You can make your forms detailed with several steps for the applicants to answer. 

Personal Information

Language Information

Education History

Work Experience


Additional Information

Documents ( CV,Cover Letter)

This forms can only be filled by job applicants and not editable.

Job applications can also be made virtually by using SmartClass Virtual Classes under Academic menu.

Virtual Meetings are provided by our friends at Big Blue Button and the recordings can be downloaded up to seven days. Virtual meetings include; polls, questions, webcams and screen sharing with control abilities. 

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We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.