Food Menu

Creating a food menu for school can be overwhelming and most of the time, can lead to a wrong information. 

In SmartClass Food Menu, we have created a menu that is customizable so much that you can calculate calories to gluten and vegan options. 

To begin, you have to add foods that you serve in your school. 

To add foods, click Foods button on the right side of the calendar.

On this page, you can see all the saved food items in your school. 

To add a new one, click +Add on the left side;

Fill in the information and choose type from; Foods, Deserts, Drinks.

Click Save and it will be ready to use in the menus. 

Show the Menu

To show the menu for a day in the calendar,

If colored Green : Menu is created

If colored Blue : Menu is NOT created

Created menu looks as like;

You can edit the menu easily by clicking edit. 

Add Menu

After creating the foods list, select the day you would like to build your menu in by clicking Blue colored day in the calendar. 

The menu will be shown to allow you to add foods,

Foods, Drinks and Deserts works with drag & drop to the specific time of the day.

Click Save to add the menu to that day. 

The menu can be accessed automatically after saved by users and can be published weekly or monthly with the users. 

Our research showed us the school benefiting yearly costs on printing menus more than 15.000$ compared to schools that don't use digital menus and prints.

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We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.