Assessment Categories

One of the conclusions we have come to with our selected panel of educators was the importance of categories.

Our educators have asked us to develop a customizable and easy to edit category tool in behavior assessment so that they can versatile with their growing students and for the students with special needs. 

To Add Category, click on the green button on the upper right hand side and the screen should follow,

While filing the form for adding a category, the previously created; Grade , Subjects, Classes and Teachers will be ready for quick choose. 

At the Behavior Scoring Settings you can choose from three different scoring settings; 

Scale; for creating different levels to give scores on

Symbol, for choosing a variety of emoji based symbols. 

Point, for creating a range of points to choose from.

The point scorings can be determined by dragging the strip to start and finish desired points.

Once the categories are created, you can add behaviors to your categories. 

With the added categories, we can move on to Behavior Assessments

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We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.