My Tasks

My tasks allows users to create task for themselves and also enables them to see the tasks that are assigned to them.

Create Task

To create a task, click on "Add Task to Myself"

Click Save to complete adding the task.

Issued Tasks

Issued tasks are the section where you can see the tasks that have been assigned to you. 

You can update the tasks progress,see the details, assign to another person and change priority leves by clicking "Actions" button.

Update Progress

Use the slider to indicate the task status and add notes. 

See Details

Change Priority

You can change the priority for the task to 

  • Critical
  • Important
  • Normal
  • Not Important

Assign the Task

You can assign the task to another user and update the information while assigning.

Select the assigned users SmartClass name and fill in the details.

Click Save to assign them the task and SmartClass will notify them of the updated task.

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