Grading systems is the most important section of the schools success. With SmartClass grading tools you can'

- Create exams and grades for different courses 

- Get academic grading details

- Manage class pass & fail regulations

- Get academic student reports

- Manage honor certifications

- Create, manage and customize transcripts

You can access the Gradings module from the Menu section, under Academic;

When clicked into Gradings, you can access the general grades of students, batches, classes and lectures.

Upon clicking into opening a classes or batches grades, the options will appear as follows,

This page can be accessed by parents, teachers, students and related administration officers.

Upon clicked "Open Grades" button, the grades will be shown as follows for details and further actions.

The sub evalutions, exams and homeworks can be added within grading modules and grades can be edited when clicked on the right side of the grade columns.

Other Sub Modules in the Module

All Modules

We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.