Dorms Process

In dorms process you will be able to see the students staying in the dorm rooms and add students the the available rooms.

First, you need to select the dorm that you would work on. 

After selecting the dorm, the floors will be shown. Click on the floor to see the rooms and student staying in the rooms will be shown. 

You can add students to the rooms if the capacity is empty.

Add Student to Room

To add student to a room, click on the +Add Student button under the room you would like to add in. 

After selecting the student and their dorm admission date, click Save and student will be automatically added.

Edit Student Information

To edit a student information in the room, click on the "Pen" icon located next to their name.

After selecting the desired changes, click save. 

Student List

You can access the complete student list in the selected dorm by just clicking "Student List" button located at the bottom center of the page. 


The student list will be automatically updated when a new student enrolled in to a room. 

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