Honor Certificates

Honor certifications may be hard to get! But, not in SmartClass.

In Gradebook module, students can receive their honor certifications from a single module standpoint. The certifications can be filtered to users desired views and looks like this,


Honor certifications can be exported in to Excel, can be printed out and also exported to PDF for sharing capabilities.

To add an honor certification, " + Honor Certificates" should be clicked and prompts from screen should be followed.

To view multiple Honor Certifications, user can select "Season" from upper right hand corner. 

  Settings are named for adjusting the range for honor certification eligibility and looks as follows,

And after settings and adjustments are complete and students are assigned to receive their honor certifications, the exportable and shareable file will look as follows,

The certification design given is the basic design for SmartClass and can be modified to show more information. School logos can be labeled, certifications can be sent to designated person for authorization and signature within SmartClass. 

*For sharing the certification via SmartClass CRM, the platforms using institutions must have a service provider for email and text messages. Internal sending of documents are handled by SmartClass and via SmartClass file manager for storage.

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