Facilities and Classrooms

An ERP wouldn't be complete without able to control facilities and classroom in your school. 

In many years we have encountered various institutions that wants to rent their space out over the summer break, allow meetings to take place or place it under unavailable. 

At SmartClass Facilities and Classrooms, you can easily control your spaces within seconds throughout your campuses.

Add Facility

To add a facility, click on Add button on the left side of the panel. 

Fill in three questions and select Meeting Occupiable by dragging and click Save. 

SmartClass will be automatically connect to other modules when users trying to book the space and act accordingly to your selections.



Classrooms module is also crucial because it is connect to various other modules such as Capacity. 


You can add classrooms to your schools and campuses from single point and control their capacities as well. 

To remind you again, SmartClass classrooms works interconnected with various modules. To best use for your Classroom is to maintain them updated and correct at all times. 

Other Sub Modules in the Module

All Modules

We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.