Mentorship module has been created to help schools create a mentorship program and assign students with lifelong mentors within their schools. 

To keep the mentorships easy to maintain and to be actively used, we have developed it to be completed in quick steps. 

To add mentor, first the school managers have to create a profile for the mentor as teachers. The teachers in school can also be assigned mentors. 

Click on +Add Mentor 

Type in Teachers name and number of mentees to be assigned.

Click Save. 

After clicking Save, the screen will prompt back to main screen. 

To assign mentees, click on Students (colored on blue) 

On the prompt screen, write mentees name and Click Save. 

Mentees number cannot exceed the number assigned to the mentor while adding mentor step.

Click Save to complete registration. 

Assigned students will be shown on the assigned mentor page as follows;

You can also transfer students to another mentor by clicking Student Transfer button and typing the mentors name. 

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