Help Desk

Help Desk module in SmartClass enables you to scale your operations throughout the campus or campuses. 

With Help Desk, users can request various of incident of technology related issues to the IT department. 


From incident tracking to notify the person of ticket creator, SmartClass Help Desk will help your IT department completely. 

Add Incident

To add an incident, click on +Add button on the left.

Fill in the information and click Save. 

Incident will be notified to receiver and help will be sent according to the request priority. Notifications are sent via SmartClass Notification System to Web and Mobile seamlessly. 

Assign the Task

If you have more than one personnel in the IT department, you can assign the incidents to a person by clicking Assing the Task and selecting to whom you would like to assign the task. 

The person will receive the notification to their SmartClass account and mobile.

The assignee can update the situation of the incident from their profile. 

The user type is important and the personnels ability to add status updates are enabled within User Type Permissions.

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We are so proud of our product. It really has everything you need.