Users page allows you to create accounts for your SmartClass.

You can create multiple user types, assign passwords and send password links for secure connections, set expiration dates and delete users.

Add User

To add user, click +Add button the right side and the screen will prompt.

Fill in the information as requested. 

User Type is the most important section here! You can select from 44 different user types and their permissions on accessing different modules will be different. 

Click Save when done. 


To send create passwords for your users, click on Actions button on the right.

Click Set Password

Type in passwords and click Set Password. 

Users will not be notified with this kind of password setting! 

Password Reset Link

You can send password reset links to users for users to login with their own created passwords. 

The link will be live for 30 minutes only and user will be notified by email from their created account.

To do this, click on Actions and click Send Password Reset Link.

You can also export your users lists by clicking on Excel button on the upper left side. 

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