Enrollment Interview Report

Enrollment interview report module gives administration the best possible way of seeing the enrollments and their outcomes with various details.

The enrollment interview report is built by exporting information from Enrollment module and combines them into single place with information available such as;

  • Previous School
  • Batch Level
  • Student Name
  • Date of Birth
  • SSN 
  • Address
  • Parent Name
  • Parent Contact Number
  • Parent Email
  • Enrollment Status
  • Explanation
  • Enrollment Exam Date(if any)
  • Enrollment Exam Result (if any) 
  • Application Date
  • Interview Date
  • Application Type
  • Interviewer

To build the report you can use filters as follow;

  • Application Type ( Tablet - Face to Face - School Website)
  • Status (Positive - Negative - Recall - No Call - Will be followed)
  • Grade
  • Date

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