Medical Cases

In Medical Cases, you can track the student ongoing treatments as well as open a new one. 

Add New Medical Case

To add a new medical case, click on +Add New Medical Case located on the left side of the screen.

You can choose between adding a medical case for a student of school personnel. After choosing the student/personnel SmartClass will automatically bring their patient history and important information. 

Track the Case

You can track the open case for the important notifications and add new information under Notes. Also, you can add medical files using SmartClass file manager to the related case.

When a case is tracked, the color will turn from Red to Yellow to indicate that case is being tracked by a professional.

This can be done under Actions by clicking Track Case / End Tracking Case.

Upon clicking End Tracking Case, the case will turn back to Red. 

To close a case, click End Case under Actions.

P.S : You can only close the case if you start and end tracking for the case.

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